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» Rolling Stone Names Loria Second Worst Owner In Professional Sports
Nov 25, 2014 - 11:48 AM - by emkayseven
If you live outside the tax base of Miami, the most despicable thing Jeffrey Loria ever did came on the heels of one of the smartest things a sporting municipality every did: say no.

After an initial investment of $12 million in the Montreal Expos, Loria triggered a series of showdowns with fellow team owners and local government until he wound up with 94 percent control, an alienated fanbase and a sweetheart ride out of town. Loria sold the Expos to "Expos Baseball, LP," essentially Major League Baseball, for $120 million. He then bought the Marlins for $158.5 million, with the $38.5 million difference ponied up by MLB in an interest-free loan. After that, he committed to a strategy of cost-control with cheap young talent, selling off everything else, letting revenue sharing do the work of profit-making and crying poverty to the City of Miami, while resorting to the same threat game as in Montreal. ("San Antonio is a very viable market, and they're very serious. Read my lips: They're very serious.") It worked. Loria erected a white-and-pastel mausoleum massively underserved by public transportation, one so empty that the retail spaces in and surrounding it as well as parking remain un- or under-leased, cratering any illusion of the "revenue" that a publicly financed stadium would bring. In exchange, through 2048, the City of Miami is on the hook for $2.4 billion. With a B.

To complete the illusion that Loria would now use his new stadium to field a competitive team, he bought a lot of free agents, signed them to backloaded deals, then shipped them out within the year in a stunning 12-player trade that reduced his payroll obligations by $160 million. He even lied and told Jose Reyes to buy a house in Miami four days before exporting his ass to Canada. (So many awful things happened that year that you might as well just click this.) Loria is going to eschew free agents, trade away good players for prospects at the height of their value and keep "rebuilding" and pocketing revenue-sharing checks until he dies. Here's what baseball fans get in exchange: Go fuck yourself. In the meantime, he'll also probably continue meddling in baseball operations, switching starting pitchers and holding up talent moves, like he does already.

And he's already started on the competitiveness shell game again, signing slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a heavily backloaded $325 million contract that Keith Olbermann sublimely tore to bits just a day later. But you get to make those decisions when you're someone who got a start in this world buying art for Sears. Who are we to judge a baseball man who has drunk so deep from the cup of life? After all, besides immiserating and plundering two baseball towns and every fan in them, Loria's great contribution to the world is a book of philosophy based on Peanuts comic strips where he assures us that the pre-teen characters of that world aren't into wife-swapping.
» Workers Who Built Marlins’ Stadium Win Revival of Class Action
Nov 21, 2014 - 8:04 AM - by emkayseven
The chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit might not be the biggest Miami Marlins fan—or one at all. In a decision Friday, Ed Carnes at once revived a class action on behalf of construction workers for the baseball team’s new stadium—while, at the same time, noting the Marlins’ “unremarkable record.” (The team, for the record, lost 85 games this season.)

In Arle Calderon et al. v. Form Works/Baker JV LLC, construction workers appealed the dismissal of their putative class action, brought in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida court in April 2013. The suit, filed on behalf of all former employees of the construction contractor Form Works who participated in building the stadium, was defeated on subject matter jurisdiction grounds.

In their original complaint, the plaintiffs had referred to claims related to unpaid and underpaid overtime compensation, federal causes of action according to the Fair Standards Labor Act. But they did not cite them again in a subsequent statement of claims, focusing instead on allegations that the workers were underpaid because they were misclassified under a Miami-Dade county ordinance that sets a variable minimum wage for different categories of construction work.

As a result, Form Works moved to dismiss the complaint, arguing the district court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the second set of claims.
The district court initially ruled it did have subject matter jurisdiction, because the misclassification claims were tied to overpay claims under the FSLA. But when Form Works threatened an interlocutory appeal, the court reversed its decision, ruling it did not have jurisdiction over the claims.

In his ruling, Carnes argued that the plaintiffs had not lost subject matter jurisdiction by failing to refer to allegations of FLSA violations in the statement of claims, a local practice that is not required under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and as such, he wrote, “does not have the status of a pleading and … is not an amendment.”

text of the decision here:
» 4 Year Plan
Nov 18, 2014 - 8:01 PM - by nny

Done this the past couple years, always fun to look at. Was surprisingly accurate last year considering how dirty it is.

Few notes:
-* means arbitration eligible/guess payroll
-Replacement level team is worth 48 wins, so add 48 to the WAR total for total team wins
-Those WAR numbers are very rough, as are minimum numbers. This is meant as a rough view and not meant to be completely 100% accurate. Just enough to paint a picture.
-If they're making the minimum, their name really doesn't matter (This especially goes for bench/bullpen). It's just used as a filler piece since it's already rather interchangeable.


I have Jose pitching half a season, Heaney the other half. This is a top ~5-10 rotation in baseball with only a half season of Jose, as well as a top ~5-10 bullpen and there's room to think they can outperform this. We definitely don't need pitching.

Top-5 OF in baseball, definitely don't need help there. And I really think Yelich can outperform my prediction WAR of him in the coming years.

But we're looking at getting something like 2-3 WAR out of our IF again. Need help.

I have us as a .500 team next year without any additional gains. We need help in the IF. And with how bad our IF is, anyone decent is a huge upgrade


I try not to remove arbitration guys to show a more fuller picture, but this is with Koehler gone because there's almost no chance he breaks next years rotation unless a lot of things shake up. Mathis, Baker, and Jones off the books, but still increase in payroll through arbitrations. Full season of Jose = woo


Payroll starts moving up a lot with a lot of guys hitting arbitration, but there is also a LOT of pitchers we can get rid of to save space. Payroll still shouldn't be an issue here


Alvarez, Eolvadi, and Cishek gone. Last year of Jose. More arbitration raises. This is where we'll start needing prospects up, mostly in the rotation, because payroll is going to start to hurt.


We're currently built like a .500 team the next few years. We need help in the IF (gasp). We have a lotttt of payroll room the next three years, but by 2018 it goes up a lot.

So we gotta try and focus on 3 year contracts in FA
I forgot the picture god dammit
there we go
Also, we're fucking awesome if we roll out a 100m payroll. LaRoche 2/30, Lowrie 3/30, Headley 4/48, Shields 4/80:

This is a 90+ win team easily. Was too lazy to make 2018 around 100m, but it's easily done by removing BP arms and shit
» Marlins Pursuing 1B Adam LaRoche?
Nov 18, 2014 - 2:32 PM - by Sr.Imbto
Marlins showing 'agressive interest' for Adam LaRoche
» Jensen Traded to Dodgers
Nov 17, 2014 - 10:50 PM - by Miamarlin21
The Marlins have traded outfielder/first baseman to the Los Angeles Dodgers for a player to be named later or cash considerations.
» GM Dan Jennings on MLBNR Regarding Jose Fernandez, Offseason Plans
Nov 05, 2014 - 12:25 PM - by emkayseven
Caught DJ's interview on MLB Network Radio just a few minutes ago and took some notes. Lots of interesting things.
  • He reiterated that the offseason plan was to add a bat and a starter.
  • In doing so, he mentioned that Jose will be out until "June or July."
  • He was asked about Cuban defector Yasmany Tomas. He said he couldn't see where they'd put him and that despite their reports on his ability they didn't want to disrupt their outfield.
  • Mike Ferrin then asked about Christian Yelich and if his winning a Gold Glove would prevent him from moving to 1B. Jennings pretty much unequivocally dismissed the idea, saying that would "be a hard sell" and that they like the athleticism of our three OFers.
  • Jennings spoke very highly of Casey McGehee. He mentioned that in addition to his hitting they really liked what he brought to the clubhouse. He said that the way he carried himself and his approach at the plate really rubbed off on the young players.
  • Jim Duquette asked him what kind of pitcher they were looking at this offseason. Jennings said that "priority 1" is that it's someone who helps now and that the team can grow with. If they aren't able to achieve that, they'll look at something else. He mentioned that they had the youngest starting rotation last year so they'd like to mix in some veteran presence, and they want someone who can get close to the 200 inning mark.
  • He then mentioned Jose's timetable again, saying that he "likes the trade we can make in July when we get Jose Fernandez back" and said "things are progressing very well."
  • Finally he discussed the Arizona Fall League a bit. He said he expects DeSclafani to contribute in some way again this season. Jennings was specifically asked about Reid Redman and Brian Ellington. He said they both have tremendous arms and tremendous upside. He noted that their AFL reports are "very positive" and that he expects them both to fight for spots on upper level teams and make the majors at some point this year. Mike Ferrin noted that he saw Ellington touch 102 mph on the gun.

After the interview Duquette and Ferrin were singing Jennings's praises, talking about what a good baseball man he is and how lately you've seen teams that were stat-heavy start incorporating scouts, but the Marlins are scout heavy and are now incorporating stats and that could make them dangerous.

I liked the bit about the starting pitcher - it tells me they aren't going to try to sign a one year veteran deal and are actually going to try and sign a pitcher that could be here for a few years.
» Christian Yelich Wins Gold Glove
Nov 04, 2014 - 7:42 PM - by emkayseven

He isn’t the flashiest outfielder in baseball, but Marlins left fielder Christian Yelich now has the hardware to prove he’s one of the best defensive players in the game.

Tuesday night Yelich, 22, became just the sixth Marlins player ever — and the franchise’s first outfielder — to win a Gold Glove Award.

Playing in his first full big-league season in spacious Marlins Park, the club’s 2010 first-round pick paced all National League left fielders with only one error, six assists (one double play) and a .996 fielding percentage.

Up until last season, managers and coaches in each league were tasked with picking the best defensive players at each position (although they couldn’t vote for their own players). Now, Gold Glove winners are selected as a collaboration between votes by managers and coaches and sabermetrics.

Even though he’s not blessed with the strongest of arms, Yelich had a stellar season covering ground with his glove, according to the folks who evaluate players beyond traditional statistics.

According to Bill James’ plus/minus leaderboard (which measures the number of plays the player made above or below that of an average fielder), Yelich led all left fielders in baseball with a plus-34 rating. His 13 runs saved, meanwhile, ranked second to Kansas City’s Alex Gordon (27) among all left fielders.

Marlins shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria and right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, also named finalists for Gold Gloves this season, weren’t as highly rated as Yelich when it came to sabermetrics.

Although Hechavarria finished fourth in putouts (200), sixth in fielding percentage (.979) and made dozens of highlight-worthy plays this season, he inexplicably ranked last among 67 shortstops in total zone fielding runs with a minus-10 average.

Stanton, who won the Hank Aaron Award last month for being the best hitter in the National League, ranked sixth in fielding percentage (.982) and finished tied for third with seven outfield assists among right fielders. But there was no way he was going to beat the Braves’ Jason Heyward, who is a sabermetrics beast.

Stanton was close, though, finishing second in total zone fielding runs (28) and fourth in defensive runs saved (7), according to Baseball Info Solutions.

Yelich is the youngest Marlins player to win a Gold Glove. Former catcher Charles Johnson was 24 when he was awarded his first of three in 1995.

Johnson and second baseman Luis Castillo each won three Gold Gloves with the Marlins. Pitcher Mark Bueherle (2012), first baseman Derrek Lee (2005) and third baseman Mike Lowell (2005) each won a Gold Glove once with the Marlins.
» Stanton a Finalist for NL MVP Award
Nov 04, 2014 - 6:49 PM - by Miamarlin21
He'll face off against Pittsburgh's Andrew McCutchen and Los Angeles' Clayton Kershaw.

Sadly, Kershaw will likely win :(
» ESPN's 30 for 30: Brothers in Exile
Nov 03, 2014 - 6:22 PM - by Miamarlin21
This 30 for 30, which debuts Tuesday night at 9 p.m. est, is about Livan and El Duque Hernandez' journey from Cuba to the Major Leagues. Should be a good one.

Here is the trailer:
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